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Draw Closer to God in Your Weight Loss

Customer Review:

"This book allowed me to open up in an amazing way! After reading this short book, I am closer to God and have lost 3 lbs in two weeks! Looking forward to reading more by this lovely lady who writes like she is chatting with you over coffee!" - Amazon Customer

Closer to God, Simple Methods Today

Customer Review:

"Great methods for drawing closer to God. She (the author) was very honestm and she is straight forward, and has very good ideas. I can't wait to put them into practice." - Debbie, Amazon Customer

56 Daily Studies on the Words of Jesus

Customer Review:

"It will make you think. Very good book, and it will make you think as well as giving a good starting place to improve your relationship with Christ...It's easy to read with many references." - Lars, Amazon Customer

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Sherry writes, teaches, and counsels with a passion for the following needs:

Encouraging others to seek a closeness with God

Teaching about the gift and works of the His Spirit

Sharing the teachings and message of Jesus

Counseling teen and pre-teen girls and their parents to maintain strong self esteem, confidence, while building authentic friendships and relationships

Encouraging spiritual formation practices in ways that are simple, effective, and fun!


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Anxiety: 7 Prayers & Scripture Meditations for Experiencing God During Times of Anxiety

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